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Promotion Activities

Glassbrook School

Sixth Grade Promotion Activities

Participation Criteria and Contract


All 6th grade students will be given the opportunity to participate in the promotion ceremony and related activities by earning the following letters within a fourteen week period:


P – R – O – M – O – T – I – O – N


In order for students to EARN these nine letters and therefore participate in all promotion-related activities, students must:

1) Sign a contract promising to abide by the following criteria AND

2) Meet the following criteria


  • Behavior

Students must adhere to school and classroom behavior regulations and expectations.


  • Classroom Effort

Students must participate in all classroom academic activities.  Students must show consistent effort to obtain Proficient (4) or Advanced (5) levels of achievement.


  • Homework

Students must complete and submit, minimally, 4 nights of homework.


For each week where these criteria have been met, students may earn one letter. 

Students earning all nine lettersin the fourteen week period are eligible to attend all promotion-related activities. 

Students earning only eight letterswill not attend the Great America field trip, but may attend all other promotion-related activities. 

Students earning only seven lettersmay attend one promotion-related activity, not including Great America.





Students who receive a suspension will not be eligible to earn a letter for the week during which the suspension occurs.  Students who receive a second suspension will automatically lose the opportunity to go to Great America.  Additional suspensions will result in the loss of additional activities.


Discipline Reports

Students who receive a discipline report may lose the opportunity to earn a letter for the week during which the discipline report is given.